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C.A. (Butch) Gerfers

Carl Ohlenbusch

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David Schneider

Carl Coker

James Coker

Gary Nagel

Kathy Coker Winn

Bob Battaglia
1928 - 2018
Historian Emeritus

Sid Autry
1925 - 2016
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Coker Cemetery Association Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 5th, 2019. - 3:30 p.m.
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Linda Ellen Jones Perry

September 26, 2018

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  Coker Cemetery History #34                 Top

by Bob Battaglia

At the Coker Cemetery Annual meeting held earlier this year, Butch Gerfers did a presentation on Coker School’s 60th Anniversary at the current location on Heimer Road. He had previously given this presentation in 2015 at the request of the Coker PTA for the event. In the presentation, he included pictures of the school at the three locations:

Coker Community Church - circa 1938

It is believed that this was the first building used for the school until 1904 and also served as the church house and was located in Coker Cemetery.


Coker School - 1904 - 1924

This wooden structure served as the second school from 1904 until it burned down in 1924 and was located across the Salado Creek from Coker Cemetery.


Coker School -  1925

This brick building was completed in 1925 & later expanded. It was replaced by the campus on Heimer Road in 1954.


Coker School circa early 1960s

This building opened in 1954 and is how the school appeared in the early 1960's.

Below you'll find another glimpse back in time in Paula Allen's San Antonio Express-News article from June 18, 2017.


SAEN 06.18.17 Coker article

SAEN 06.18.17 Coker article

SAEN 06.18.17 Coker article

SAEN 06.18.17 Coker article

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