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July 26, 1939 - January 22, 2022


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Eva McCrerey Tomasini


Eva McCrerey Tomasini, age 82, passed away on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at her home in Bergheim, Texas. She was born on July 26, 1939, in San Antonio, Texas, to John Thomas and Mary Ruth McCrerey.

Eva was born into a military family. Her dad was a master sergeant in the United States army and so her family moved around Texas and California during her formative years. She moved from Sacramento, California, while in high school to Davilla, Texas, She graduated high school in Davilla, Texas. After high school, Eva worked at USAA. While working at USAA, she met and married Tex Richard Tomasini. She worked at USAA, until right before her oldest child was born. Tex and she decided it would be best that she stay at home to provide a home for their family.

Eva was the glue that bound her family together. Early on in her marriage when she and Tex were just starting out, she managed to do so much with so little. She would sew her children’s clothes, make homemade bread, crocheted blankets, and did needle point on blue jean jackets. Many of her homemade crocheted blankets are still draping the couches and beds of her children and grandchildren to this day. These blankets are special family heirlooms. She was also known to do a little carpentry. She managed to corral Benjamin and Travis to make wooden book caddies when they were 5 or 6 years old. Eva always kept a clean house, always ready for family to come over. She was known for her cooking which was simple but exceptional. She loved crossword puzzles, soap operas and the game show Jeopardy. Hot coffee and sweets were always a staple in her house. She knew each of her children’s favorite dishes and made them often for each one of them. Later on in life, she would make blankets for her grandchildren that will be greatly treasured for many many years. She would also dabble in market days in Boerne by making different crafts and then selling those items at the town plaza. She loved doing this because it allowed her to express her creativity and meet different people.

Right after her children and grandchildren, Eva loved her Spurs and her Dallas Cowboys.

Her grandchildren meant everything to her. She loved going to their softball games and extracurricular activities and cheering them on. Her grandchildren could do no wrong in her eyes. She loved that several of her grandchildren played musical instruments and played music.

Eva gave everyone unconditional love and made them feel welcome and at home as soon as they entered her home. She always made the extra effort to listen to them and understand what was going on their lives.

At the time of her death, Eva was surrounded by her children.

Eva was preceded in death by her husband, Tex Richard Tomasini, parents, John Thomas, and Mary Ruth McCrerey, brother Tommy McCrerey, and sister Rosemary Brock. She is survived by her children Richard (Denise) Tomasini, Deborah (Kenneth) Ripley, Allison Tomasini and Leonard Tomasini; grandchildren, Brandon Tomasini, Clifton Tomasini, Kyle Ripley, Travis Ripley, Benjamin Tomasini, Nash Ripley, Lenisa Tomasini and Sofia Tomasini; great-grandchildren Zaida Tomasini, Nevaeh Ripley, Gabriel Ripley, Joanna Ruiz Tomasini, Baron Tomasini, Everly Tomasini, Malik Ripley and Blakelyn Tomasini.


A graveside service will be held at 2:00 PM Saturday, January 29, 2022 at:
Coker Cemetery - 231 E. North Loop Road - San Antonio, TX 78216

MeadowLawn Funeral Home
Crematory & Cemetery

5611 E . Houston
San Antonio, TX 78220

Published on the MeadowLawn Funeral Home website on January 2022.

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